Skill Development & HR Workshops

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.

The main thrust of any workshop is towards, breaking down any kind of barriers, that may exist within an employee, so that these barriers do not end up becoming the "fence" in his relationships with co-workers, both vertically and laterally. Such fences do not allow an employee to relish the 'joy of working'. Any human relationship is accounted for by the emotional strength it has .. within and outside.

It is this strength that our workshops aims to release while giving them the direction that is best suited for the employee vis-a-vis, his profile. Thus giving the Corporate an employee, who is energized and refreshed because he/she has broken the barriers around him/her.

Our Skill Development initiatives and Workshops are aimed at Human Resource Development through the use of an effective combination of creative tools.

We offer customized Creative Workshops that are an ideal catalyst for Human Resource Development at a Corporate Organization. Our Creative Workshops are dedicated to introducing the employees of an organization to their creativity and thereafter use it in all aspects of their life, work and creative expression. In a non-competitive, new and open environment, our Creative Workshops help the participants develop soft skills, expand the sense of perception of themselves and their environment, inspire them to think 'out-of-the-box', equipping them with new ways of looking at 'life' which is synonymous with 'workplace' in today's world, and establish a sense of belonging towards the workplace.

Some of our ongoing initiatives under the Banner of TEAM BUILDERS include:

  • English Language Course
  • Korean Language Course
  • Interview Preparation Workshops
  • Personality Development Workshops
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Leadership Enhancement Programs
  • CSR Workshops
  • Business Communication Workshop
  • Sales Effectiveness Workshop
  • Problem Solving Techniques Workshop