Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR spending is an Investment and not an Expense.

With CSR spends expected to be large and trained resources scarce, growing the CSR department is a slow process at most companies initially.

We are a specialised CSR agency - a professional outsourcing entity - for the implementation & compliance of the mandatory CSR stipulations - and ensuring efforts are consistent, accounted for and scalable.

SCG works with organisations in streamlining their CSR strategy in line with the statutary mandate by assisting in Assessments, Stratergising, Policies, Implementation, Monitoring & Reporting.

We also help companies with other aspects like training, verification, impact assessment and ongoing audits.

As a CSR agency we serves as an enabler for successful CSR interventions. Since we are not at NGO / Implementation agency, we work on the policy / strategic / monitoring level as an extension of your organization.

SmartTECH brings expertise in development economics, public health and nutrition, school & vocational education, rural development and sustainability, environment, water and sanitation, gender, public financial management and corporate social responsibility.

With a specialized CSR agency by your side, you no longer need to invest in CSR capable resources for the delivery of your CSR initiatives.


  • Conducting CSR Assessments
  • Constituting an effective CSR Committee
  • Creating a meaningful CSR Strategy
  • Ensure effective Implementation
  • Monitoring CSR Program rollouts
  • Conduct third party Audits
  • Social Reporting
  • Periodic Strategy Reviews